My personal top 5 worst characters on Arrow !

Arrow has given us some great characters but also a bunch of rubbish ones. I’m going to list the worst characters in Arrow and my reasons for naming them in this top 5. The other is random so don’t focus on the numbering. They are all equally awful but in different ways.

  1. Curtis. I have no idea why they introduced him in Arrow. He doesn’t add anything to the show except off course the fact that he is gay. He only mentions that about a billion times. He’s not a skilled fighter and his hacking is on par with Felicity’s. So why is he there? As comedic relief? I sure hope not because he’s just annoying. His jokes are corny and the delivery is just bad.
  2. John Diggle. I didn’t mind Diggle in the first two seasons. He was funny, had a nice back story and he was Oliver’s moral compass.  But these days he’s just useless. His story lines are boring, he actually declined as a fighter and he is no longer a moral compass; he just ships Olicity whenever he can. You were nice in the first two season but you’ve got to go John!
  3. The FBI lady. I can’t even be bothered to look up her name. We’ve seen the same storyline before (and done better) so why do we need it again? And the actress does a horrible job. She’s not convincing; she just looks annoyed/bored 90% of the time.
  4. Donna Smoak. A strong candidate for worst character on a TV show ever. She’s dumb, a walking cliché and just so unnecessary. Her ‘jokes’ are corny and boring and she doesn’t even bring anything to the table.
  5. Felicity Smoak. I liked Felicity in the first two seasons (same as Diggle). She helped the team and she was a bit of a comedic relief. But then they decided to make her the front runner and that’s when things got bad. Her character is such a hypocrite and a giant bitch that is just unbearable. Her hacking skills are now just a tool for lazy writers and she isn’t even funny any more. Ooh and nothing personal to Emily Bett Rickards; I bet you’re a lovely person in real life but you can’t act. Every emotional scene loses all its value when I see your facial expressions. You have some decent comedic timing but that’s it. The rest of your acting is horrible and needs a lot of work.

Agree or disagree? Let me know!



Arrow: A show in decline!

I want to start of this blog post by saying that I loved the first two seasons of CW’s Arrow. Even though it wasn’t the Green Arrow I loved from the comics I still really enjoyed it. The pacing was great, the characters all had interesting storylines and the action was beautiful. That all started to change in season 3. The grittier tone started to go away in favour of a more lighter tone. And that’s when shit hit the fan.

Season 3 started what is called ‘Olicity’; the relationship between two of the main characters in the show: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. Before they had a bit of a ‘will they wont they’ relationship but that changed in season 3. And I didn’t mind it at first. Yes, it came as somewhat of a surprise because there wasn’t really any build up. Season 2 ended with Deathstroke being tricked by Oliver and in season 3 Oliver admitted that he always loved Felicity. Wait what? In season 2 he showed that he still loved Laurel and later on he started dating Sara again. So how could he been in love with Felicity all the time? Didn’t really make sense but I just went with it. The first few episodes (until the mid season finale) were good and entertaining but after that the overall quality started to drop. Yes it was cool to see Oliver join the league of assassins but I felt like they wasted a lot of potential by focussing a bit too much on the relationship stuff. The finale was overall really underwhelming; the fight with Ra’s was dumb and Felicity flying the A.T.O.M suit felt really off. The finale scene was Oliver and Felicity driving off into the sunset and Oliver leaving behind the life of a vigilante.

This was pretty stupid

And then we had the overall shitstorm that was season 4. They introduced H.I.V.E and Damien Darhk ; a villain with magical powers which could have been awesome but it was just a waste of time. Most of the episodes were just fillers and didn’t progress the plot. But we did get a lot of relationship drama! I don’t know why they pushed so much relationship stuff in a show that’s about an arrow shooting vigilante but that seems to be a CW thing. They also killed of the Laurel; one of the most important characters for the Green Arrow mythos. Why did they do it? Nobody knows but it was an idiotic decision. The season ended in a fist fight (Yes, I know) between Oliver and Darkh. One of the dumbest fights ever put on television. So after that it couldn’t possibly get any worse, could it?

When season 5 rolled around I didn’t have high hopes for the show. But my word did it surprise me. The grittier tone came back and Prometheus was a scary villain that broke Oliver in a mental way. We did get to see Oliver build a team ; something I still don’t understand. Why does he need a team? It’s not the Justice League. The Green Arrow should only team up with Arsenal, Speedy and most importantly; Black Canary. But that wasn’t possible because they killed her in season 4 so they got a replacement for her. They found a meta human with the same powers as Laurel that so happened to be called Dinah Drake. The writers really don’t give a flying fuck about the Green Arrow fans.  The team felt like a waste but the action sequences reminded me a lot of season 2 and the torture episode was one of the best Arrow episodes ever. The season finale saw Prometheus blow up Lian Yu in what was an epic cliffhanger!

Oliver doesn’t need a team and we especially didn’t need Diggle as the Green Arrow

So with a cliffhanger like that you must be a fucking idiot to screw that up. But they did. No one important died on Lian Yu. Yes, they killed of Samantha but she wasn’t an important character and the only thing that that changed is that William now lives with Oliver. Thea was in coma (but she’s already awake) so what was the point? You can’t have a cliffhanger like that without any consequences. And then it got even worse. The fight choreography was back on season 4 levels and Felicity became the main character of the show once again. I just watched the mid season finale and it was horrible; we got an Olicity wedding, the team breaking up for dumb reason and it turns out that all the baddies are working together … Was this written by a 4 year old? There’s no tension, no intrigue; I’m mostly bored/annoyed when I watch Arrow nowadays. It’s like the writers only listen to the Olicity fans and forget about all the people who watch the show because they are a fan of the GREEN ARROW. They threw in two Deathstroke episodes to keep us satisfied but that didn’t really help.

How can they fix Arrow? Well start of by dumping the team. Oliver was perfectly fine on his own in season 1 and season 2 (Yes he got some help but you get the picture) so why does he need a whole team to help him out? There’s a CW show for you if you really want a bunch of superheroes team up; it’s called Legends of Tomorrow and it’s really fun. Secondly they need to stop with all the hacking bullshit. It’s getting annoying that 90% of the issues in Arrow can be solved by Felicity and or Curtis smashing keys on the keyboard. It’s so unnecessary and it’s just lazy writing. Then they need to tone down the relationship stuff. If it’s done right it can be very good but in Arrow it seems that the relationships are written by people who have never been in a , healthy, relationship. So basically they need to go back to the basics; Oliver is the Green Arrow again, he doesn’t need a team and he gets to kick ass again. That’s the only thing that can save Arrow right now but I don’t think it’s going to happen. A real shame.