My personal top 5 worst characters on Arrow !

Arrow has given us some great characters but also a bunch of rubbish ones. I’m going to list the worst characters in Arrow and my reasons for naming them in this top 5. The other is random so don’t focus on the numbering. They are all equally awful but in different ways.

  1. Curtis. I have no idea why they introduced him in Arrow. He doesn’t add anything to the show except off course the fact that he is gay. He only mentions that about a billion times. He’s not a skilled fighter and his hacking is on par with Felicity’s. So why is he there? As comedic relief? I sure hope not because he’s just annoying. His jokes are corny and the delivery is just bad.
  2. John Diggle. I didn’t mind Diggle in the first two seasons. He was funny, had a nice back story and he was Oliver’s moral compass.  But these days he’s just useless. His story lines are boring, he actually declined as a fighter and he is no longer a moral compass; he just ships Olicity whenever he can. You were nice in the first two season but you’ve got to go John!
  3. The FBI lady. I can’t even be bothered to look up her name. We’ve seen the same storyline before (and done better) so why do we need it again? And the actress does a horrible job. She’s not convincing; she just looks annoyed/bored 90% of the time.
  4. Donna Smoak. A strong candidate for worst character on a TV show ever. She’s dumb, a walking cliché and just so unnecessary. Her ‘jokes’ are corny and boring and she doesn’t even bring anything to the table.
  5. Felicity Smoak. I liked Felicity in the first two seasons (same as Diggle). She helped the team and she was a bit of a comedic relief. But then they decided to make her the front runner and that’s when things got bad. Her character is such a hypocrite and a giant bitch that is just unbearable. Her hacking skills are now just a tool for lazy writers and she isn’t even funny any more. Ooh and nothing personal to Emily Bett Rickards; I bet you’re a lovely person in real life but you can’t act. Every emotional scene loses all its value when I see your facial expressions. You have some decent comedic timing but that’s it. The rest of your acting is horrible and needs a lot of work.

Agree or disagree? Let me know!



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